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Mount Pleasant concrete plant

Van-Smith Concrete Company

Corporate Office

3185 Azalea Dr Charleston SC 29405

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 70785
Charleston, SC 29415

(Office) 843-744-2567
(Fax) 843-744-7313
(Email)company email


Concrete Dispatch 843-744-2640

Our Plant Locations:

Charleston #2 (After Hours) 843-747-1117

Daniel Island #3 (After Hours) 843-881-1446

Jedburg  #4 (After Hours) 843-851-8913

Goose Creek #5 (After Hours) 843-553-0823 


These locations enable the company to quickly serve any section of the Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County areas with its fleet of 50+ modern concrete trucks.




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